Play Multiple Golf Betting  Games with Automatic & Accurate Accounting!           


   -  Golf Bets is the premier iPhone App for golf game bets & scoring.
   -  At the end of the round,
Golf Bets automatically and accurately does the
      accounting for the golf betting games played.

   -  No tedious "Green-Eye-Shade" accounting and arguing over results

   -  Immediately know how much each player won or lost  

   Golf Bets is the iPhone App that sets up a golf game according to the
      USGA Rules of Golf and The USGA Handicap System.

   -  Set up a Course, set up Players and Teams, and set up the Bets for the
      game in just a few minutes

   -  Relax knowing Golf Bets is keeping track of all games selected and the

   -  Choose among 12 individual and team  games, plus Nassau format, plus Presses

   -  Mix men and women, play multiple tees. Golf Bets does all the handicap,
      rating, and slope adjustments, automatically!

   Purchase Golf Bets at the Apple App Store from your iPhone or iTunes...